Thursday, September 18, 2008

Great shopping night at CVS 121.73 for only--- 13.95

So i'm still new to frugal shopping.. I'm 22 and learning that saving money is very important!
I am stocked up on medicine for a while =)
I had a HUGE saving of 107.78
This is how i did it in only ONE transaction! I could have done it in multi transactions and recieved everything here for free but i was already rushing.
Aleve sinus Headache - On sale for 3.99
produced 3 extra bucks
plus i had a -1 off coupon
= FREE plus overage of a penny!
Tylenol pm on sale for 3.99
produced 2 extra bucks
had a 2 dollar off coupon
= free plus a penny
Tylenol ES 50 ct on sale ofr 5.49
produced 2 extra bucks
plus a 2 dollar off coupon
= 1.49
excedrine express gels on sale for 3.99
produced 3.99 extra bucks
1 precision diabeties managment system on sale for 19.99
(NORMALLY 72.99)
produced 10.00 extra bucks
plus had a 10.00 off coupon
=Free plus penny
nature bounty Vitamins were BOGO Free
bought vitamin c and e 9.99
enchin/gld 9.79 FREE
Paid for the 2 9.99
Total oop- 34.95
earned 20.99 extra bucks
=13.95 for 121.73 worth of items =)