Sunday, September 28, 2008

Late Night run to cvs to get my Deals OOP .99 Cents!!!

I came into cvs with 5 EBS and Left with 5.79 EBS

I spent oop .99 cents only b/c the cashier was so unaware of the coupon policy and did'nt let me do my Christophe deal.. I will try tomorrow && my 2 EBS for buying the colgate Toothpaste and tooth brush did'nt print ughhhh...well i guess i'll call corporate monday!

But i still ended up with a good deal i think!

Really after extra bucks since i came in with 5 and left with 5.79 i really only spent
.20 CENTS on all this!!!

I hopefully I can do my Christope deal tomorrow b/c it is on sale for $4.99 a bottle
I have (3) -2 off coupons & 1 CRT for -3 off =9
spend $15 worth of CHristope get $5 ECBS

So if i get to do my deal i will get 3 bottles for 1 dollar yea!!!!


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