Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Walgreens for under 4 dollars oop!!!

I bought the 3 robitussins for with my HSA for about $13.49
Recevied 10 RR
Used th 10 RR i got above to buy the 2 packages of cookies, tooth brush and floss
then i Recevied 8 RR for those items (cookies,floss.tooth brush) to use on my next purchase.
SO all in all i spent about 3.50 for everything u see && i have 8 RR to use this coming up week!!
Still waiting for my first rebate from walgreens to get here it will be around 21 dollars on there giftcard!!! YEA!
The pack of gum came in the mail today!! A whole pack of gum for free!!!

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