Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cvs 10/26 Profit of $38.50 and i rolled over my EXTRA BUCKS!!

Cold medicine deal

buy 20 worth of products listed get 10 extra bucks!!

Thera flu 5.50

Used -1 man. coup


***Will send in the mail in rebate and receive 5.50 back!*****

Free with over of a $1

Ricola cough drops (2) = $4 dollars for both

-1 man coup off of 2

3 dollars for both

Sudafed pe 5.00

-1.50 manu. coup


Tylenol sinus and cold-6.00

-1 instant saving coup on the box

final price 5 dollars


breeze II meter on sale for $30 dollars

man coup from this sunday paper for -$30

WIll send in rebate in box for $30


1 edys maxx pint ice cream on sale for $2

had a coup on the outside of the freezer

final price - $1 =D (yummy)

I used a 10/50 CRT

4.58 in Extra bucks

Paid 1.73 OOP

I got back 10 Extra care bucks

WIll get back $30 MIR (Glucose meter)

5.50 MIR (theraflu)

Profit of 38.50!!!

I also rolled my extra bucks!!!

Best savings yet!
I saved 86.70 this trip!!

Tag! I'm it

Emily @ tagged me this week, which is a fun little thing we have going on in the bloggy world. Here are the rules:

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My seven facts

* I was born in hawaii
*I never have seen snow
* I love love love the FLORIDA Gators
* My 2 dogs are my world*
*i'm a newbie at saving and just started in august
* i'm double jointed
* I have never been out of the country

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Walgreens Paid me again!!! $10 =D

First Transaction

3 strawberry-kiwi Benefibers
7.99 each
used -5 from Oct ES took $15 off
also used (3) -2 man coup. (took off 6)
Paid 2.97 for 3
Received back & 8 RR
Profit of 5.03

2nd Transaction
st ives scrub 4.99
-2 coup (man.)

I got back a $5.00 RR

Profit of 2.01

*Oral B tooth brush
-.75 (manu. Coup.)
Received 4.50 RR

Profit of .76 cents

alka selterz cold med.

got back $ 5.00 RR

Profit of .01

Colgate on sale for 1.99
-1.50 manu. coup.

.49 total

GLADE apple/cinnamon plug in.

-Try for free coup. (printed from catalina at last visit)

Airwick freshmatic REFILL-3.99
no coup.

total 3.99

pert plus-2.99
-2 ES coup
-1 Pert plus (man. coup)
overage of .01

2 halloween candle holders .79 cents each

caution halloween tape 1.99

total OOP after using

5/20 (printed from wags website good only 10/24-10/25)

& 16 RR (from transaction 1 $8 rr) (Benefiber trans from yesterday $8 rr)

1.57 OOP (cash)
Total paid for both Transactions 4.55

got back

14.50 rr ( 5 for alka, 5 for st ives, 4.50 for tooth brush)

They paid me almost $10 dollars to take all of this!!!!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Walgreens paid me! =D

The walgreens that i work across from had amazing clearnance!

I got 6 sally hansen gift pack (with 2 in each pack) nail polish's on sale for $1.25

I used (2) -3 off 2 sally hansen coups- from the cvs reinventing mag.

(1) -50 any sall hansen product

SO i recevied 12 nail polishes for for $ 1


I also purchased a lysol fresh matic on sale for 5.99

-5 coup.

.99 plus i will recevie a 3 dollar rebate for the nov. esr

Profit of 2.01

I purchased 2 Loreal eye liners on sale for 2.50

5 dollars for both

oral b tooth brush 4.49

-75 coup.


recevied a 4.50 RR

PROFIT OF .76 cents!!!

Total of all items after i used a Previous $8 RR (got from doing the benifiber deal)

I paid 4.17 oop

got back 4.50 for the Oral B tooth brush

and will get 3 back from the lysol fresh matich

profit of 2.63!!!!

They paid to to take all of this home!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Omaha Burgers & Hot Dog Deals! =D *** DEAD DEAL****


***** I jusr read that this deal is no longer active and that u have to spend over $100 to use the 25 GC...ughhhh...sorry! I still got my order in just fine! I hope they still honor seeing that i already PAID them!*****************

I Just purchased

12 Omaha steak burgers


8 gourmet Hot dog franks

For are u ready???

Sit down!


Yes thats right!!!! This includes SHIPPING!!!

WOW greeat for my gator games!!!!

Check out

her post for Omaha Steaks: Ground steak for $0.36 per pound!

Read the BLOG to fnd out how u get get your meat this cheap!

U automatically get 12 free burgers so if u get something else around the price range of 12.99 it will be under 2 bucks!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Walgreens deals!!!

To get my mind off of my Mommy (see post below)
I went to do some Deals (since wags is like a mile from my home =D)

I bought `

2 Lysol freshmatic airfreshners Normally 12.99
SALE PRICE of $5.99

used 2 -5 off coupouns

.99 cents each!

cascade dishwashing soap ( needed it)
5 dollars (ughhhh) i normally would not spen that much

2 pert plus shampoos for .99 cents after wags coupoun (easy saver book)
(2) -2 off man coup overage of 2.01 =) ( helped cut down the price of the cascade above)

BYGO free head bands 2 sets of 5 black and brown head bands for 2.99

I got another coupon organizer was on sale for 2 dollars but the cashier rang it up 2.99 grrrr, realized it when i got home!!
(she was nice though)

i also bought my b/f a GOLD paper pad and sticky note set for .99

total after i used $10.00 register rewards was

$3.89 =D

It should have been under 3 dollars b/c she rang up my organizer .99 too much!

My Mom Was diagnosed with Breast Cancer!

I am in total shock at the moment!!!

Why? =(

Please Pray for her!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

$85 Worth of goodies @ CVS for $8 =D

So i wanted to use my 10/50 CRT before it expired on 10/16

This is is what i ended up getting!!!

I started with NO Extra bucks =(

I bought

5 sobe life waters for 5/$2

4 Bags of candy (Snickers & Twix) = 6
I had a coupon for $2 off
Total = 4

Thats a BUCK a bag!!!!!

Swiffer Sweeper Refills on sale for 6.99
Swiffer Duster on sale for 6.99

Used Buy one sweeper/refills get a duster FREE!!

So total was 6.99
CVS EXTRA BUCK DEAL Spend 10 get 5 Extra care bucks

$1.99 for BOTH!!

The cashier took off the full price for the duster of 8.79 not the sale price =D


24 pack of nestle water

sale 4.49

used -1 manufature coup.
got back 1 extra buck.

2.49 for 24 pack of water

thats 10 cents a bottle!!!!!!!!! =D

Revlon eyeshadow 6.99

Revlow eyeliner $ 6.50

6.99 total
2 man. coup. =-2
1 CRT = 1

Both makeup items for

Cover girl make up


used coupon for bye foundation get powder FREE
also used -1 manu. coup.

making it 4.49

and then got 3 extra bucks

1.49 for both makeup items!!!!!

Nature Bounty Vitamins BYGO FREE

Green tea-8.99
Fish oil-7.19

Used (2) -2 coup.

also got back 2 extra bucks

2.99 for both vitamins!!!!

I spent 22.77 OOP

Got back 14.00 in EXTRA BUCKS

OOP of only 8.77


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Walgreens Free with Overage of $4.00 after rebates!

I got all of this for around 4.10 OOP!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the break down!!
Well first off i got my very first rebate card with $ 21.98 on the mail today from WAGS!!
Been waiting 2 weeks for it!
SO I go do my deals!

2 tuff paper towers @ .59 cent each!

1 scrubbing bubble Action scrubber 3.99
1 scrubbing bubble action scrubber refills 3.49
(Used buy one action scrubber starter kit
get the refills free -3.49)
*** Also will be submitting a rebate for the action scrubber starter kit for 3.99**
so free for both items after rebate!!!

2 glade flameless candles on sale for 5.99 each
it produced 3 RR making it 2.99
also used a BYGO FREE so i got both for 2.99!
Plus i get to submit a rebate to get 5.99 back!
Making this a 3.00 overage for both!! =)

2 sobe life waters 2/1
used a -1.00 coupoun
2 = FREE

Loreal Skin Genesis Cloths 7.99
FREE after rebate
plus i used -1.00 coupoun
overage of $ 1.00

Rimmel foundation-7.49
FREE after rebate
used -1 coupoun
overage of 1.00

I also bought 2 dollar items i did not have to get but i was making spagetti and needed garlic powder .99

and some dog treats were on sale for a $1.00

I used my whole GC for 21.98
and payed 7.10 OOP

got back rr for $3

making the total oop only 4.10

after all my rebates i will

get back around $ 19.00 on my Wags GC

5.99 for my Flameless candle (manufacture rebate)

3.99 for scrubbing bubbles = (manufacture rebate)

29.00 in rebates making all of the items i bought today FREE

with overage of close to $4.00 =)

great walgreens trip!