Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cvs 10/26 Profit of $38.50 and i rolled over my EXTRA BUCKS!!

Cold medicine deal

buy 20 worth of products listed get 10 extra bucks!!

Thera flu 5.50

Used -1 man. coup


***Will send in the mail in rebate and receive 5.50 back!*****

Free with over of a $1

Ricola cough drops (2) = $4 dollars for both

-1 man coup off of 2

3 dollars for both

Sudafed pe 5.00

-1.50 manu. coup


Tylenol sinus and cold-6.00

-1 instant saving coup on the box

final price 5 dollars


breeze II meter on sale for $30 dollars

man coup from this sunday paper for -$30

WIll send in rebate in box for $30


1 edys maxx pint ice cream on sale for $2

had a coup on the outside of the freezer

final price - $1 =D (yummy)

I used a 10/50 CRT

4.58 in Extra bucks

Paid 1.73 OOP

I got back 10 Extra care bucks

WIll get back $30 MIR (Glucose meter)

5.50 MIR (theraflu)

Profit of 38.50!!!

I also rolled my extra bucks!!!

Best savings yet!
I saved 86.70 this trip!!

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