Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Omaha Burgers & Hot Dog Deals! =D *** DEAD DEAL****


***** I jusr read that this deal is no longer active and that u have to spend over $100 to use the 25 GC...ughhhh...sorry! I still got my order in just fine! I hope they still honor seeing that i already PAID them!*****************

I Just purchased

12 Omaha steak burgers


8 gourmet Hot dog franks

For are u ready???

Sit down!


Yes thats right!!!! This includes SHIPPING!!!

WOW greeat for my gator games!!!!

Check out


her post for Omaha Steaks: Ground steak for $0.36 per pound!

Read the BLOG to fnd out how u get get your meat this cheap!

U automatically get 12 free burgers so if u get something else around the price range of 12.99 it will be under 2 bucks!

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