Monday, October 20, 2008

Walgreens deals!!!

To get my mind off of my Mommy (see post below)
I went to do some Deals (since wags is like a mile from my home =D)

I bought `

2 Lysol freshmatic airfreshners Normally 12.99
SALE PRICE of $5.99

used 2 -5 off coupouns

.99 cents each!

cascade dishwashing soap ( needed it)
5 dollars (ughhhh) i normally would not spen that much

2 pert plus shampoos for .99 cents after wags coupoun (easy saver book)
(2) -2 off man coup overage of 2.01 =) ( helped cut down the price of the cascade above)

BYGO free head bands 2 sets of 5 black and brown head bands for 2.99

I got another coupon organizer was on sale for 2 dollars but the cashier rang it up 2.99 grrrr, realized it when i got home!!
(she was nice though)

i also bought my b/f a GOLD paper pad and sticky note set for .99

total after i used $10.00 register rewards was

$3.89 =D

It should have been under 3 dollars b/c she rang up my organizer .99 too much!


dragonfly411 said...

Go girl!!!

Michael said...

It's great you're starting so young. Isn't it amazing how much money people throw away. If you ever host a giveaway on your blog, you can list it at my site for free if you'd like. Or you can enter to win any of the ones already listed.