Friday, October 24, 2008

Walgreens paid me! =D

The walgreens that i work across from had amazing clearnance!

I got 6 sally hansen gift pack (with 2 in each pack) nail polish's on sale for $1.25

I used (2) -3 off 2 sally hansen coups- from the cvs reinventing mag.

(1) -50 any sall hansen product

SO i recevied 12 nail polishes for for $ 1


I also purchased a lysol fresh matic on sale for 5.99

-5 coup.

.99 plus i will recevie a 3 dollar rebate for the nov. esr

Profit of 2.01

I purchased 2 Loreal eye liners on sale for 2.50

5 dollars for both

oral b tooth brush 4.49

-75 coup.


recevied a 4.50 RR

PROFIT OF .76 cents!!!

Total of all items after i used a Previous $8 RR (got from doing the benifiber deal)

I paid 4.17 oop

got back 4.50 for the Oral B tooth brush

and will get 3 back from the lysol fresh matich

profit of 2.63!!!!

They paid to to take all of this home!!!!

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dragonfly411 said...

I love you, but sometimes you make me sick lol. That's amazing