Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Walgreens Free with Overage of $4.00 after rebates!

I got all of this for around 4.10 OOP!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the break down!!
Well first off i got my very first rebate card with $ 21.98 on it..in the mail today from WAGS!!
Been waiting 2 weeks for it!
SO I RAN...to go do my deals!

2 tuff paper towers @ .59 cent each!

1 scrubbing bubble Action scrubber 3.99
1 scrubbing bubble action scrubber refills 3.49
(Used buy one action scrubber starter kit
get the refills free -3.49)
*** Also will be submitting a rebate for the action scrubber starter kit for 3.99**
so free for both items after rebate!!!

2 glade flameless candles on sale for 5.99 each
it produced 3 RR making it 2.99
also used a BYGO FREE so i got both for 2.99!
Plus i get to submit a rebate to get 5.99 back!
Making this a 3.00 overage for both!! =)

2 sobe life waters 2/1
used a -1.00 coupoun
2 = FREE

Loreal Skin Genesis Cloths 7.99
FREE after rebate
plus i used -1.00 coupoun
overage of $ 1.00

Rimmel foundation-7.49
FREE after rebate
used -1 coupoun
overage of 1.00

I also bought 2 dollar items i did not have to get but i was making spagetti and needed garlic powder .99

and some dog treats were on sale for a $1.00

I used my whole GC for 21.98
and payed 7.10 OOP

got back rr for $3

making the total oop only 4.10

after all my rebates i will

get back around $ 19.00 on my Wags GC

5.99 for my Flameless candle (manufacture rebate)

3.99 for scrubbing bubbles = (manufacture rebate)

29.00 in rebates making all of the items i bought today FREE

with overage of close to $4.00 =)

great walgreens trip!

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dragonfly411 said...

Sooooo you seriously need to sit me down and SHOW ME THESE THINGS!!!!!!! LOL Great job girlie!!