Sunday, January 4, 2009

First CVS shopping trip of the New Year. Loving cvs =D

So i went in to to a few deals i hve been slacking big time with the holidays...

But this morning i wanted french toast so i went to cvs to get a few items
I thought i was gonna end up burning extra bucks but i rolled them over and came out with free items =D

I bought 2 speed stick 2 for $6 with 3 EB
used bygo Coup from this weekend paper

total after EB = FREE

Earinse -9.99

I had a rain check for this item that made it free after extra bucks
The cashier adj. to 0.00
this month it is also printing 5 EB

So Profit of 5.00

i wish i would of gotten more rainchecks!!!!!

Revlon perfect pedicure-
clearance 1.74

a vanilla candal. reg 6.99 with 75% off

total-1.75 ( it smelled like vanilla icing yummmmyy)

vanilla extract
cinnamin seasion
bygo 1/2 off

1.50 4 both

garnier frutis. shampoo 2.99 with 2 eb
also had a -1 ma coup. =

diet coke-1.89

total was
12.82 after tax

I only had a 13.95 extra buck...

I told him to just adj it to zero and i did'nt care about losing the dollar or whatever
but he ended up calling the manager b/c he culd not get it through....the manager ended up giving me the diff. $1 and change in CASH!!! i was shocked they never do that...


so i paid $0 OOP
got 1 and change in cash back
and 10 dollards in EX bucks!

So i came out getting everything free
and rolled my EB (almost) =D

Yea For french toast LOL

I can't wait to start back doing my deals...I hope to have a HUGE stock pile like others by the end of this year!!!!